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Ballet classes, Contemporary, Pilates and Scolio-Pilates
near the Adelaide Hills

  Purpose built        air conditioned    studio at              6 Walker St          Mt Barker

This film commemorates 30 yrs in our current studio. We have actually been operating for over 40 years

It is the policy of the school to foster an enthusiasm and understanding of dance in all students, whilst at the same time aiming to develop talent in those lucky few who are able to reach a professional level. Through dance students learn a special kind of self discipline for which

will be respected in whatever career or lifestyle they choose to pursue. Dance will also instil good posture, develop co-ordination, encourage creativity and students are very likely to form lasting friendships along the way.


Looking for a Ballet School when our daughter was 6, we rang Annette Langham. Miss 6 tried it out and we never looked anywhere else.

Ten years on and Miss nearly 16 still continues with Annette Langham School of Ballet. Annette is devoted and nurturing to all her students, they are her utmost priority. Every opportunity is given to help them strive to be their best self.  Not only is our daughter a beautiful dancer she has been taught the lifetime values of perseverance , dedication and self worth. We highly recommend Annette Langham School of Ballet. 

Vicki Chandler  2020

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