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Ballet Classes Near Adelaide Hills

ballet class - pose turns (pirouettes)

The timeless principles of grace, balance and line handed down and developed from the courts of the 17th century. Ballet today goes far beyond tutus and pointe shoes. The repertoire is huge and varied. A tried and true method of training ballet is in fact the backbone of all forms of dance. It adds a special finesse  and intangible quality to to a well rounded dancer. 

We teach the Cecchetti method, one of the more common methods in Australia today. Whilst the basic principles of ballet remain the same the world over this is simply a specific style and syllabus of Italian origin with a strong Russian influence. (developed by the late Enrico Cecchetti  in the early 2oth century). We use his wonderful method as a guideline to train our dancers. They are also encouraged to take open classes and broaden their horizons as they progress. Cecchetti examinations are available where the required standard is achieved.

Children's dance classes in progress near Adelaide Hills & Mount Barker

Mime and movement

For those children 3-4 years who are not yet ready for the physical and mental demands of a structured dance session. This class allows them to experience a class situation while responding and moving to music. It enables the creativity so prevelant at that age to shine through. Only a sugar coated version of dance technique is presented, with the emphasis on fun.

Contemporary Dance

Developed in the mid 20th century contemporary dance although originally a breakaway from the rigid structure of ballet is now a natural progression for trained classical dancers which allows in some ways a greater freedom of expression and movement. Emphasis is on the torso rather than the limbs, movement in and out of the floor, lots of direction change and often irregular  rhythms.  

contemporary dance

Choreography and other genres

Although we are specialists in classical ballet and related disciplines we do encourage students to branch into other areas. Opportunities exist to choreograph for performances and participate in musical theatre and jazz numbers on occaisions. 







Pilates is an overall body conditioning programme developed by Joseph Pilates who originally worked with dancers and gymnasts. It has very real benefits for stretching and strengthening appropriate muscles for dance as well as improving posture and alignment to keep our young students safe and injury free. It is of great health benefit to non dancers also. The beauty of pilates is that it can be as intensive or gentle as you want to make it and usually results in greater body awareness for individuals who practice it.


                                                          Specialised Pilates for those with scoliosis 

Annette is an authorised practitioner of the Scolio-Pilates method founded by Karena Thek. Please follow the link to the official site and global network of practitioners.

 Scolio-Pilates | Osteopilates

Through elongation, strengthening and breathing techniques we aim to correct the spine toward neutral, thereby reducing pain, increasing flexibility and endurance in daily activities.

Annette is equally passionate about helping people whose everyday lives are affected by scoliosis as those young dancers who are not even aware but can be helped to achieve better results and prevent injury through stronger alignment. Generally non dancers with significant curves will be taught privately. Please phone 8391 2563 to discuss your requirements and preferences.

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